Senef, a committed player in Tech for Good.

Since its creation, Senef's ambition has always been to be an IT company with a positive impact, whether through its resources or its solutions.

Our employees, customers and beneficiaries of our services illustrate our determination to make the company part of a virtuous process that promotes meaning, diversity and progress for the benefit of all.

  • Our social policy places people, parity and diversity at the heart of our commitments.
  • Our solutions have always been designed to facilitate the day-to-day work and organization of front-line professions such as home help, day-care centers, cleaning and security staff, etc. In particular, we provide them with certified solutions to ensure the scalability and compliance of their activities, such as healthcare data security (Ségur du Numérique en santé certification).
  • Finally, our approach aims to support services for fragile populations or those requiring specific support: early childhood, the elderly, the disabled, etc.

So, both internally and externally, "Tech for good" is not an empty word, and the spirit of "care*" is literally part of the company's DNA.

We are convinced that digitalization can be used for the common good, because it has the power to transform, not just to increase profitability, but also to enlighten consciences and develop solidarity.

*care for others

SENEF is a publisher of web solutions specifically designed for service companies. Its business software meets the performance needs of organizations.

Developed on the basis of its own technologies, the digital tools created simplify the work of users.

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