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A vision and a method...

Senef was born out of a strong conviction: to be efficient, management solutions must be deeply rooted in the specificities of the business.

Each of SENEF's solutions has been designed and created according to this same pragmatism: getting to the heart of the machine, understanding business issues and co-constructing the future of management software with our customers to facilitate the daily life of their employees and their companies.

with meetings...

Each of our software solutions is born from a meeting and from the trust placed in our know-how.

By listening carefully, observing and understanding needs, we have been able to imagine and design solutions that respond precisely to our clients' problems.

This trust and this special relationship have led to real partnerships

The founders


After graduating with an engineering degree in Information Systems and Software Engineering, Momar Mbaye completed his studies at HEC.

He forged his experience abroad, from the United States to the Netherlands via North Africa, with the conviction that SaaS is the technology that will change the software world.

He worked as a project manager in large groups. It was a request to overhaul software solutions for the Gendarmerie Nationale that made him take the entrepreneurial step and lay the foundation stone for Senef.


To reinforce the company's technical background, Tariq Hamadouch joins the adventure.

When Momar met him, he knew that he was the right partner to take up the challenges set by the first clients. As a technical expert, Tariq quickly became the head of the R&D department and developed the various technological bricks required by the service industry.

Senef was born from this complementarity of skills. 

Very quickly, according to the meetings, the ambitious projects follow one another and the team grows

The team



This motto is engraved on our walls. It guides all our actions. Creating software is not an end in itself.

We work hard to meet the challenges of the service industry.

If we are tailor-made, it is to better adapt to the realities of the field, to the needs of the professions and the men and women who work in them.

SENEF is a publisher of web solutions specifically designed for service companies. Its business software meets the performance needs of organizations.

Developed on the basis of its own technologies, the digital tools created simplify the work of users.

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