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    Progisap training

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This training is intended for future users of the 100% web-based management solution ProgiSap.

All persons who are required to use all or part of the management solution are invited to participate in this training. No minimum period of professional activity in this sector is necessary to follow this training. This training is open to all.


A prerequisite is necessary to enter the course: it concerns the use of a computer, email, internet and even office tools.

We check these prerequisites on entry to the course.



Mastering the different tools and modules

of the solution in their generality

To have an autonomous and responsible use

PROGISAP software

a new tool

within the information system

Teaching techniques used, monitoring/evaluation



PC connected to a video projector or TV screen / software in SAAS mode


Alternating theory and practice


practical application on the company's file, exchanges, questions / answers


Satisfaction questionnaire given at the end of the day and a knowledge test questionnaire


Delivery of a certificate at the end of the course

Training plan

Presentation of the homepage

Presentation of customer relationship management

  • Prospect Management
  • Quote management
  • Practical exercises
  • Contact management
  • Beneficiary management (Clients)
  • Practical exercises
  • Electronic document management
  • Management of the directory and mail and S campaigns

Presentation of quality monitoring management

  • Quality monitoring management
  • Management of complaints and anomalies
  • Implementation of a beneficiary satisfaction survey
  • Practical exercises

Presentation of human resources management

  • Candidate Management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Electronic document management
  • Practical exercises

Presentation of production management

  • Presentation of alerts
  • Stakeholder/Beneficiary Planning
  • Availability search screen
  • Excel availability schedule
  • Time recording form
  • Mass generation of time tickets
  • Monitoring of the time modulation of speakers
  • Management of stakeholder training plans
  • Expense report management
  • Practical exercises

Presentation of the billing management

  • Billing management
  • Viewing/Changing an invoice
  • Manual invoice creation
  • Practical exercises
  • Payment tracking and invoice breakdown
  • Discount management
  • Asset management
  • Presentation of accounts receivable
  • Practical exercises
  • Settlement lists Accounting export

Presentation of trip management

  • Mileage Tracking Stakeholder
  • Address search
  • Calculation of distance and route Provider/Beneficiary
  • Distance and route calculation

Presentation of the parameterisation module

  • Agency setting of the application
  • Repository setting of the application

Presentation of the editing module

  • Managing editions
  • Statistics management

750,00 € excl. tax / day

950,00 € excl. tax / day


Place of training

At the customer's premises or remotely via the GOOGLE MEET application, ZOOM


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