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A vision

To serve the human being and his uniqueness in a world of services that is becoming digitalized.


Since the conception of our first SaaS software, when this service was still in its infancy, we have been working to give service companies and their users the means to appropriate the best technological solutions applied to their business.


A mission

To give service companies and their users the means to appropriate the best technological solutions applied to their business in order to free up time, facilitate missions and add value to everyone's work, in order to generate growth simply, quickly and sustainably.


Over time, uses have evolved, and everyone has developed a taste for immediacy, simplicity and mobility in their daily lives.

The norm is for services to be accessible, anywhere, at any time and on any medium. Service companies can no longer ignore the legitimate expectations of their external audiences and employees.

An ambition

To co-create the standards of tomorrow's digital tools to facilitate the daily life of companies and people.


We are convinced that innovations can and should be accessible to all players in the service industry, regardless of their size.

Convinced that meeting the standard does not mean setting aside one's own singularity or particularities, we advocate tailor-made solutions, as close as possible to the specific business needs of our clients and partners.

Tomorrow, it will be AI and robotization that will once again change uses and professions. This is why we are working today to bring together the players in the world of services to prepare and invent.

Our biases



tick Care for the teams
tick Customer care
tick Care for end users
tick The care thought from the design of the tools dedicated to them
tick Putting people first



tick Innovation at the heart of the company
tick Imagine and design software
tick Imagine and co-design with clients
tick Thinking outside the box, not doing what others do



tick The same treatment and the same rates for all
tick Developments for some serve others
tick Giving everyone a chance, Meritocracy as a compass



tick Getting to grips with the tools and their daily use
tick Team contacts for customers
tick Messages communicated
tick Make time-consuming or tedious management tasks simple



tick Giving the individual its place, its needs, its expectations
tick The vertical business approach, tailor-made by business
tick Not to be just another company
tick Knowing how to remain atypical and efficient

SENEF is a publisher of web solutions specifically designed for service companies. Its business software meets the performance needs of organizations.

Developed on the basis of its own technologies, the digital tools created simplify the work of users.

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