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    Silaexpert training

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  • Payroll assistant,
  • Management assistant,
  • Personnel administration/HR


  • Know the theory of payroll practice;
  • Mastering social legislation,



Acquire the knowledge needed to modify and complete your company file

on the SILAE software

Acquire the knowledge needed to enter employee records

on the SILAE software

Acquire the knowledge needed to produce pay slips

on the SILAE software

Know how to generate, verify and send

its Nominative Social Declaration

Teaching techniques used, monitoring/evaluation



PC connected to a video projector or TV screen / software in SAAS mode


Alternating theory and practice


practical application on the company's file, exchanges, questions / answers


Satisfaction questionnaire given at the end of the day and a knowledge test questionnaire


Delivery of a certificate at the end of the course

Training plan

Presentation of the homepage

  • Explain how the progress report (homepage) works

Presentation of the settings

  • Company file
  • Setting up the company card
    • Set-up phase, Production phase, Company information, Establishment identification, Payroll parameters, Additional establishments, Absence and holiday monitoring parameters, Tax and social security data parameters
  • Employee file
  • Setting up the employee master record
    • Employee listing, Employee creation, Identity, Contact details, Bank identification, Company entry, Entries, Stops, Job information, Payroll employee setup
  • Setting up the file
  • Overtime and overtime rates
  • Presentation of the assembly counters
    • Initialization of paid leave, Initialization of previous accruals
  • Create an organization (Social Security, unemployment, AGIRC, ARRCO, ...)

Current operations

  • Use of variable elements
  • Payroll management
    • Pay slip calculation, Single calculation, Mass calculation, Right-click function, Pay slip modification, Pay slip check, Single check, Mass check
  • Functioning of employee outings
  • Making social declarations
  • Making transfers

Presentation of the editions

  • Editing of pay slips
    • Single copies, Mass production, Duplicates
  • Salary edition
    • D.P.A.E., Employment certificate, Salary certificate, Social security certificate, Work accident certificate, Pole Emploi certificate - Balance of all accounts, Work certificate
  • E.D.M.: Electronic Document Management
  • Editing accounting entries
  • Editing of various summary tables
  • Nominative Social Declaration
    • Calculating a monthly DSN, Checking/Modifying the monthly DSN, Correcting reported errors, Sending test DSN, Event DSN, DSN: informing employees

Practical exercises

950,00 € excl. tax / day

1200,00 € excl. tax in person / day


Place of training

At the customer's premises or remotely via the GOOGLE MEET application, ZOOM


Mawa DIA, Associate Director & Service Silae
06 19 19 58 27 - mawa@groupesenef.com

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