Diversity Charter

SENEF commits to diversity

A further step towards inclusion within the company

Diversity is an invaluable resource for companies that aspire to prosper and stimulate innovation.

SENEF has demonstrated its commitment to inclusion right from the start. Among its notable actions, SENEF supported the JIFA (International African Women's Day) as a sponsor. SENEF also recently took a major step forward by signing up to the Diversity Charter. This demonstrates a firm commitment to inclusion and equal opportunities within the company.

The origins of the Diversity Charter

The Diversity Charter was launched in January 2004. This followed the publication of a report by the Institut Montaigne entitled "Les oubliés de l'égalité des chances" ("The forgotten victims of equal opportunity"). This document, which highlighted the persistent disparities in the world of work, was a trigger for many companies anxious to make a difference. On October 22 of the same year, 33 pioneering companies signed the Diversity Charter, a text drafted by Claude Bébéar, Yazid Sabeg and Laurence Mehaignerie. They pledged to promote equal employment opportunities, marking the beginning of an initiative to promote diversity within organizations.

SENEF's commitment to diversity

SENEF recently joined these ranks by signing the Diversity Charter. This approach goes far beyond simple compliance with anti-discrimination laws. It represents a voluntary and proactive commitment to diversity, an essential element in building an inclusive and innovative company.

Why is this commitment so important to SENEF?

  • Innovation through diversity: SENEF recognizes that diversity is a catalyst for innovation. By bringing together people with varied backgrounds, skills and perspectives, the company creates an environment where new ideas flourish.
  • An inclusive corporate culture: By signing the Diversity Charter, SENEF demonstrates its commitment to creating an inclusive corporate culture where every employee feels valued, respected and listened to, regardless of their origin, gender, religion or sexual orientation. This fosters a climate of trust and collaboration within the company.

By signing this charter, SENEF commits to :

  • Raising awareness and training managers and employees alike in equality and variety issues.
  • Encourage the application of the principle of non-discrimination in all its manifestations.
  • Promote the representation of cultural, ethnic and social diversity.
  • Communicating our commitment to our employees, customers and partners.
  • Develop and implement a diversity policy in collaboration with employee representatives.
  • Evaluate and report on progress.


By signing the Diversity Charter, SENEF is taking a clear stand in favor of inclusion and equal opportunity. This reflects the company's commitment to innovation, inclusive corporate culture and its desire to be a leading player in a diverse professional world. SENEF has taken an important step towards CSR.

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