SEENET Sécurité: the web and mobile ecosystem dedicated to security companies

SENEF is delighted to announce the launch of Seenet Sécurité. Our new 100% web-based ecosystem designed specifically to revolutionize the management of private security and guarding companies.

As an expert in SaaS software solutions, SENEF is committed to providing comprehensive, integrated tools to simplify and optimize our customers' operations.

Seenet Sécurité embodies this promise. Seenet Sécurité offers an unrivalled suite of features to meet the complex needs of the security industry.

Key features of SEENET Sécurité

  • SEENET SÉCURITÉ: This business software is the heart of our ecosystem, offering a centralized platform for sales management, planning, invoicing, human resources management, payroll, time & attendance, and communication. It ensures complete visibility of all your activities, improving the reliability and efficiency of your operations.
  • MOBISAFE: The mobile application dedicated to agents in the field enables precise traceability and fluid communication with head office. It facilitates planning, clocking in and out, tracking rounds, receiving mission orders, writing reports and managing diaries.
  • SILAE: Our payroll and HRIS solution is integrated directly into Seenet Sécurité. To automate payroll processes by synchronizing with intervention planning. This integration ensures efficient management of the payroll cycle and seamless synchronization of HR data.
  • Application and Customer Portal: Seenet Sécurité includes an application and a web/mobile portal for the end customer. This improves customer relations, quality monitoring and customer satisfaction management.
  • Employee Portal: A web portal dedicated to employee communication. For greater reliability and transparency in human resources management.
  • QUALIMOBI: The intervention quality control application offers comprehensive tools for risk and needs assessment, complaint and anomaly management, and service inspection. It is designed to guarantee continuous improvement in service quality.

Benefits of SEENET Sécurité for security companies

With Seenet Sécurité, your company will benefit from :

  • Increased operational efficiency: Optimize your operations with centralized planning and management, reducing costs and boosting productivity.
  • Improved service quality: Ensure high quality service thanks to rigorous control and monitoring of interventions, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Simplified human resources management: Automate and synchronize payroll and HR data management, ensuring efficient and compliant management of your workforce.
  • Improved communication: Facilitate communication between head office, field agents and customers, for seamless coordination and follow-up.
  • Transparency and compliance: Ensure transparent and compliant management of your operations. This strengthens the trust of your customers and employees.
  • Data-driven decision-making: Benefit from accurate information and analysis for informed, strategic decision-making.

SENEF's Seenet Sécurité is more than just a software solution; it's a strategic partner that is transforming the way private security and guarding companies manage their business.

The SaaS Revolution: The advantages of a 100% online Web solution

Seenet Sécurité stands out as an entirely online SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, offering unprecedented flexibility and accessibility.

As a cloud-based platform, it eliminates the need for costly hardware installations and complex software maintenance. Indeed, users can access Seenet Sécurité from anywhere, at any time, simply with an Internet connection.

Key benefits of the SaaS model include :

  • Automatic updates: Seenet Sécurité updates itself automatically without user intervention. To ensure you always have the latest version. But also with the latest features and security fixes.
  • Reduced IT costs: By eliminating the need to invest in costly hardware infrastructures. Seenet Sécurité significantly reduces your company's IT costs.
  • Security and compliance: Data stored in the cloud is protected by state-of-the-art security measures, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Scalability and flexibility: Seenet Sécurité easily adapts to your company's growth. To enable rapid, efficient scaling without the constraints of traditional software solutions.
  • Easy access and collaboration: The online model enables seamless collaboration between teams, so departments and sites improve communication and operational efficiency.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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