The social net amount, a new evolution for your payslips

The net social amount: a new regulatory development for transparency on your payslips

Faced with new government regulations, the net social amount represents a major step forward. This update, integrated into Silae since July, makes pay slips easier to understand. It provides a clear overview of the salary actually received by employees. Thanks to this development, employees can better assess their financial situation and access available social assistance more easily.

What is the net social amount and why is it important?

The net social amount corresponds to the salary received by an employee after deduction of compulsory social security contributions, income tax and other legal deductions. It is the exact amount available to the employee after all these deductions. This measure gives workers a clear picture of their financial situation and enables them to benefit from the social assistance to which they are entitled.

Facilitating access to social benefits

The net social amount regulation was designed to simplify access to social benefits such as the prime d'activité and the RSA. According to the French government, 34% of people entitled to the RSA do not apply for it. Financial aid plays a crucial role for many people.

Thanks to the net social amount, directly integrated into the Silae service, employees can now quickly obtain the information they need and more easily access the financial assistance they require.

Since July, SENEF's Silae service has integrated these new regulations to offer its customers transparent and efficient payroll management.

The partnership with Silae reflects a shared commitment to providing solutions tailored to the specific payroll and social management needs of each organization. Thanks to this integration, customers can save time and resources, while eliminating human error.

The net social amount represents an essential regulatory change for transparent and efficient payroll management. With this update already integrated into Silae, customers can better understand their pay slips and access the social benefits to which they are entitled more easily. SENEF and Silae are committed to providing reliable, tailored solutions, improving the daily lives of employees and companies in the field of payroll and social management.

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