How to prepare for a software change

Software change: how to prepare?

What steps should companies take to anticipate software changes?

In today's business landscape, the need is to optimize processes and stay at the cutting edge of technology. This is leading many organizations to consider a change of software. But how do you prepare for this?

This transition, while bringing opportunities, is not without its challenges. We explain how companies can make the changeover to your software and be better prepared.

The challenges of software change

There is a lot of resistance to change...

Changing software within a company can be fraught with various obstacles. These obstacles can hamper the process.

Here are some of the main obstacles to changing software:

  • Fear of the unknown, disruption to work routines, or the need to acquire new skills can lead employees to resist.
  • Insufficient communication on the reasons, benefits and modalities of change can lead to misunderstanding and opposition.
  • The high initial cost of purchasing new software, training, customization and data migration can be an obstacle, especially for small businesses.
  • The complexity of migrating data from the old system, especially with large volumes of data. These represent a challenge.
  • Incompatibility with other existing systems in the company can hamper the process. Seamless integration with other software is crucial.
  • The need for technical skills to use the new software can be perceived as an obstacle. Particularly if employees don't feel sufficiently prepared.
  • Data security concerns, particularly if the new software requires an Internet connection or stores sensitive data. All these factors can act as a brake.
  • Uncertainty about the real benefits of the new software. This uncertainty can make some decision-makers reluctant, especially in the absence of a clearly defined return on investment.
  • Lack of support or commitment from top management can jeopardize the success of the project. This underlines the importance of management buy-in.
  • Inadequate project planning, with unrealistic deadlines or misaligned expectations, can lead to problems and increased resistance.
  • Previous failures in software change initiatives can lead to increased mistrust and resistance.
  • Without proper training on the new software, employees may feel overwhelmed and have difficulty adapting.

Fortunately, solutions are possible

To overcome these barriers to change, it is essential to establish clear communication, provide adequate training, secure management support and carefully plan the transition process. Involving stakeholders from the outset can also help mitigate resistance to change.

Companies need to anticipate these frictions. To ensure successful implementation. After all, resistance to change is often associated with the transition process.

Key steps to prepare for the adoption of new ERP management software

Here are the recommended steps for preparing for the changeover to a new ERP software package:

  • Needs assessment: Identify specific needs by involving stakeholders.
  • Software selection: In-depth research to find the best software, taking into account functionality, flexibility and customer support.
  • Project team: Set up a multidisciplinary team with a project manager to coordinate activities.
  • Detailed project plan: Identify milestones, deadlines, resources and responsibilities, including testing and training phases.
  • Change management: Communicate the benefits of change and prepare employees through awareness-raising and training sessions.
  • Software customization: adapt the software to specific processes and configure parameters as required.
  • Data migration: Plan and execute migration, with rigorous testing to ensure data integrity.
  • In-depth testing: Identify and resolve problems in a test environment, then carry out pilot tests before full deployment.
  • User training: Provide in-depth training to ensure optimum understanding of functionalities.
  • Phased deployment: Deploy in phases to minimize disruption, monitor carefully, and respond quickly to problems.
  • Post-deployment support: Set up technical support and solicit feedback for possible adjustments.
  • Ongoing evaluation: Regularly assess the software's effectiveness, identify opportunities for improvement, and adjust processes where necessary.

Clear communication, appropriate training, management support and careful planning are essential to simplify the transition to a new ERP system.

How SENEF can help you change software

The advantages of choosing SENEF and our ERP to change software

This is where SENEF stands out. With Progisap and Progiclean, we offer dedicated management solutions for personal services and cleaning companies respectively. These software solutions offer key functionalities, exceptional flexibility and guaranteed data security. In this way, we are able to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Our commitment to human support is what defines our approach. Indeed, our solutions are co-created with our customers so that they can be adapted to their needs and challenges.

In the first instance, we carry out an audit to establish the requirements for facilitating change and adapting the deployment process (Delivery) to the customer's needs.

Our teams are on hand to understand the unique needs of each customer, and a step-by-step implementation process (Delivery) is put in place to ensure that the software is taken on board and customized to the customer's context. Our teams rework the data, and we support your teams to help them get to grips with the solution more easily. Over a period of several weeks, the teams work together to facilitate deployment.

Next, we set up training courses to help your teams improve their skills and guarantee optimal use.

After deployment, we provide you with a dedicated support service, managed by our Customer Success Managers (CSM). You can contact them either by telephone, or via our Jira ticketing system. This platform enables you not only to get answers to your questions, but also to suggest enhancements to our solutions in line with your needs.

We put people at the heart of our solutions.

Customer testimonials

Our customers' feedback attests to the tangible impact of our solutions. Significant improvements in productivity, but also simplification of processes. These are the benefits that our customers have noted after choosing Progisap and Progiclean.

Read our customer testimonials here (YouTube channel)

Support for change 

Changing software is a strategic decision that requires careful preparation. Challenges can be overcome with the right solutions. SENEF is there to offer a smooth transition. But we also offer cutting-edge solutions and human support throughout the process.

Contact us today to find out how Progisap and Progiclean can transform the way you run your business. At SENEF, we're here for you, before and after the change.

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