Thanks to Fontaine Group

Our teams would like to thank FONTAINE GROUPE for their welcome and their trust. A major player in multiservice in the French overseas territories, the group, with 900 employees in 11 subsidiaries, has a program chosen for the digitization of all business processes. ISO 9001 and 14001 certified, our management solutions aim to support them in their quality commitment and their ambitious CSR approach. A large-scale project with SENEF is happy to take part!

Go with La Rationnelle in the digitalization of its activities

SENEF is happy to support LA RATIONNELLE industrial cleaning in the digitalization of its activities. A major player in the cleaning sector, with more than 1000 employees and more than 23M turnover, the company trusted us in order to support it in its ambition: to improve operational efficiency and daily customer satisfaction.

For this we have set up our business software #progiclean and our quality control application on Qualimobi tablet. Iso9001 certified, the group makes quality a major element of its development. Bravo to all the teams for their involvement in the success of the progiclean deployment. A real partnership relationship has been forged between our 2 groups. A real customer case to highlight

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