• Corporate project

A vision

Helping people and their uniqueness in a more digitalized world of services.

Since the creation of our first SaaS software we are working on giving services companies and their users the means to implement the best IT solutions adapted to their businesses.

A project

To give services companies and their users the means to implement the best IT solutions adapted to their needs in order to: save time, facilitate tasks, recognize the value of everyone’s work, quickly and easily increase their growth.

Now everyone is looking for easy, real-time and mobil services.

The standard is to access information from everywhere, at any time (24/7) and using any type of computer, tablet or smartphone Services companies definitely need to focus on their clients and employees’s expectations.

An ambition

Co-creating tomorrow’s digital tools standards to facilitate companies and employees’ daily life.

We are convinced that innovations need to be accessible to all the service industry ‘s actors regardless of their size.

We focus on developing tailor-made solutions to meet our customers and partners’ specific needs.

We think that automation and AI will change tomorrow’s world. That’s why we already work on preparing and designing tomorrow’s software solutions with all the service industry’s actors.

Our commitments


coche We care about employees
coche We care about our customers
coche We care about final users
coche Development of our digital tools following these points
coche The human element as a key factor


coche Innovation at the heart of our company
coche Creating and developing software
coche Creating and developing software with our clients
coche Do not do as everyone else does, being different


coche Same treatment and prices for everyone
coche Everyone can enjoy all developments
coche Give everyone a chance, meritocracy as a key point


coche Tools and users’ process simplicity
coche Easy to contact the right representative
coche Easy to communicate
coche Make time-consuming or laborious tasks easier


coche To focus on people, their needs and their expectations
coche Centralised functionality, tailored services
coche Do not do as other companies
coche To stay atypical and efficient

SENEF est un éditeur de solutions web spécifiques aux entreprises de service. Ses logiciels métiers répondent aux besoins de performance des organisations.

Développés sur la base de ses technologies propres; les outils digitaux créés simplifie le métier des utilisateurs.

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