Labeling of Progisap by Synerpa

SENEF, publisher of business software and mobile solutions, announces that its Progisap software, intended for professionals in the care services sector has been labeled by SYNERPA as part of its program to modernize the activities of its members.

This labeling marks the confidence that the major players in the care services sector have been able to show us for several years. It is part of a very positive commercial dynamic, which confirms the suitability of the Progisap solution with the needs of these booming structures in the region, with the main objective of meeting the challenges of modernizing the sector.

Thanks to Progisap, structures will be able to benefit from a 100% web, mobile and secure solution allowing them to simplify the process of digitizing their activity and therefore gain in productivity and efficiency.

In addition, for the sake of simple and effective traceability of employee mobility; the clocking and remote management solution for workers, Mobisap, can it also be deployed by members eligible for the program.

It is therefore the Progisap software and the Mobisap mobile application that were presented and have been able to respond favorably to Synerpa’s specifications.

Due to this positive response to SYERPA’s call for tenders, Progisap has once again been able to meet the requirements of professionals in the sector.

Through personalized support, Progisap provides a tailor-made response to the needs of structures. Its offer was designed in close collaboration with professionals in the care services sector; and on the strength of this cross-expertise, Progisap combines relevance of functionalities, ease of use and flexibility.

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